Slag Coagulant

Slagtite FM
Slagtite is a free flowing, granular material used in ladles or crucibles filled with molten metal. Its function is to attract slag and other non-metallic impurities trapped in metal during melting. The slag and impurities (lower in specific gravity than metal) rise to the top and react with Slagtite forming a heavy viscous coagulant. The coagulant is easily removed by skimming or rolling with metal rod. The result is reduction or elimination of inclusions in castings.

Amount of material required depends directly on melting conditions and the size of the melt. Typically two (2) to four (4) pounds of Slagtite FM per ton of metal is adequate or enough to form a layer over the surface area of molten metal.


Chemical Analysis

SiO2                    73.8 %
Al2O3                  13.9 %
CaO                      0.9 %
Fe2O3                  0.9 %
MgO                     0.3 %
Na2O                   4.7 %
K2O                      4.3 %
Loss on Ignition   3.4 %

Note that Slagtite contains no metallic elements which would affect the chemical properties of molten metal.

Super sacs at 2000 lbs.