White Lightning


White Lightning, also known by its mineral name Nepheline Syenite, is a low free silica (less than 0.10 %) naturally occurring mineral which excels as a light industrial / commercial sandblast media.

Being slightly softer than competing silica sands and slags, it offers its user a smoother, consistent finish on everything from concrete walls and floors, to car and truck bodies and even in some applications structural steel.  It is white in colour meaning, your work and workplace will appear cleaner than if you were competing dark products, such as copper or nickel slags.

Features and Benefits
White Lightning blasting abrasives are whole grain sodium potassium alumino silicates. Automated scanning electron microscopy confirms that White Lightning contains less than one tenth of one percent crystalline silica. No free crystalline silica is detectable in the mineral complex.

White Lightning abrasives are produced under rigid quality control procedures to insure a consistent particle size distribution and an absence of adhesion impairing contaminants. Performance in maintenance blasting removes paint and rust with minimal alteration to the original surface profile.

Use of white lightning can help limit hazardous exposure as dust and fine particles originating from the abrasive itself are classified as nuisance dust. Locally applicable respiratory protective measures should be observed, and caution exercised with respect to dust from surface materials being removed.

Particle Size Analysis And Properties
Mean Values. These do not represent a specification.