Corn Cob


A cleaner, safer, more versatile alternative to sandblasting.

Grit-O’Cobs is a soft grit abrasive that blast-cleans metal, wood, fiberglass, plastic, masonry, electrical insulators and other materials.

Grit-O’Cobs granules are increasingly the choice when the job calls for a softer, less dusty and environmentally safe abrasive. While sand remains the most widely used abrasive successful abrasive cleaning still depends heavily upon the selection of the proper abrasive for each job.

The growing acceptance of Grit-O’Cobs granules stems from many beneficial characteristics. THey are hard, yet soft. They are cleaner and less dusty than many other abrasives. They are biodegradable – an increasingly important consideration. In addition, Grit-O’Cobs granules can also be used in most standard sandblasting equipment. They are non-sparking and will not damage the gears of operating equipment as sand often does.

There is no need to mask windows when cleaning with Grit-O’Cobs. Loose and flaking paint can be quickly removed from painted wood, brick, masonry and metal structures.

Grit-O’Cob is also ideal for interior jobs since there is little dust – making it a preferred media for interior jobs.

Because of its biodegradability, Grit-O’Cobs is ideal for getting fiberglass, wooden and aluminum boats in ship-shape, as it can be acceptably used on beaches or in dry docks. Similarly – Grit-O’Cobs blast clean electrical substation insulators and electric motors.  Electircal substation insulators provide an ideal cleaning challenge for Grit-O’Cobs granules as it is biodegradable and non-toxic – there is no need for cleanup after blasting.


Applications and Application Equipment

Large-scale uses include the cleaning of buildings, bridges, boat hulls ( including fiberlglass ), mining equipment, earth-moving machinery and electric substations. Aircraft maintenance is another use of this versatile medium. Grit-O’Cobs is ideal for many types of metal finishing. Metal stampings, molded plastics, and die castings lend themselves to deburring, deflashing, burnishing and polishing in Grit-O’Cobs.

• When used on electric motors, Grit-O’Cobs removes moisture, grease, oil, carbon, copper dust, sand and grit
• Because corncob is “softer” than glass, window masking is not needed, and corncob will not “frost” glass, as will sand.
•  Grit-O’Cobs will not harm rubber parts.