Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide is the second-hardest mineral after diamond. Brown aluminum oxide is produced by fusing bauxite and anthracite in an electric arc furnace at high temperature. The resulting oxide is over 95% Al2O3. Its high density and angular sharpness make it one of the fastest, most versatile and economical cutting abrasives available, useable in both dry and wet blasting applications from cleaning and deburring to etching and finishing.

We offer a wide range of grades to meet particular needs of your job, from a coarse profile to a micro finish.

Advantages of Aluminum Oxide

  • wide range of grades available for different jobs and profiles
  • non-reactant – will not interfere with your coatings
  • the high percentage of TiO2  (2.8%) shows the toughness of the product, which results in longer cutting life, more circulations before breaking down and increased
  • cost – effectiveness
  • no detectable ‘crystalline silica’








Colour   Brown
Bulk Density     115 – 125 lbs/ft³
Specific Gravity    3.9
Grain Shape    Angular/Sharp
Solubility       Insoluble
Hardness    9 Mohs


  •  50 lb paper bags, 40 bags/pallet