Western Garnet

Western Garnet is the world’s leading producer of high quality almandite (almandine) garnet products. The company maintains an aggressive Quality Management Program to ensure consistently superior product for our key markets:

•  Water Filtration Media
• Abrasive Blast Cleaning Materials
•  High temperature Gravel Pack for Deep Oil Wells
•  Waterjet Cutting Abrasives

Western Garnet operates mines and processing plants worldwide, including the only U.S. alluvial mined garnet based in Idaho. The company’s sales professionals support a strong worldwide distribution network to ensure on-time delivery of Western Garnet Products.

Western Garnet is committed to an operational philosophy that protects our environment and offers the finest in environmentally superior products to the marketplace.

Western Garnet is the sole producer of Wesjet Garnet.

Wesjet is a water washed, precision screened, high quality abrasive. Wesjet is crushed, sized, and washed providing a super clean waterjet abrasive garnet. Wesjet is sized to meet the requirements of different nozzle orifice configurations. Wesjet ranges in sizes from 40WS to 120WS.

Wesjet will provide you with exceptional cutting speed; a minimal kerf and variance and a better edge finish, without a change in machine speed. The grain hardness of Wesjet adds to its cutting ability for all waterjet applications. Wesjet is produced from the hardest garnets in North America, found only in our Emerald Creek Garnet deposit in Fernwood, Idaho, USA.

Technical Data and Physical Characteristics

Garnet type

General Description

Grain shape


 Certifications and Approvals



Acid Solubility


Specific Gravity

Melting Point

Western Garnet International produces almandite variety garnet at its mine in Northern Idaho, USA.

Almandite garnet is a chemically inert nonmetallic mineral that is quite common in the natural environment. It is found in trace amounts in most river and beach sands and is known for its hardness and durability. The high levels of hardness and toughness make almandite garnet ideal for many abrasive applications. Its high specific gravity as well as its chemical resistance makes almandite garnet ideal for filtration.

Sharp, angular grains (crushed)
Blocky, sub-angular to sub-rounded grains (uncrushed)

NSF, California Air Resource Board
AWWA-B100 and MIL-22262B.

7.5 – 8.0 per Moh’s scale


Deep Red to Pink

4.0 – 4.1

1,315 °C