Steel Ladles (Bowl) 

Smelko steel hand ladles in standard and extra-deep models are a preferred choice throughout the metal casting industry because of quality workmanship and high-performance features. For example, a 5-inch Smelko bowl holds more than many other 6-inch bowls.

All of our ladles are formed from 10-ga. rolled, deep-drawn steel to provide extra capacity typically not found in other brands. Our stainless steel ladles are made from type 304 SS, 10-ga., with the same fast-pour lips and are annealed to eliminate internal stress.

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Extra-Deep Ladles

All M6 Model Ladles (6″ ID) are furnished with a 1/4″ x 1″ x 25″ long handle (weight = 1.8lb.)
All M8 Model Ladles (8″ ID) are furnished with a 3/4″ diameter handle and grip (weight = 4.5 lb.)

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Steel Ladles (STAHL Style Bowl with Bracket)

These ladles have been “designed by Foundrymen for Foundrymen”. The time-tested one piece deep-drawn steel bowl reduces operator fatigue due to the balanced design. These Ladles have two spouts for ultimate pouring dexterity. These Ladles are designed to be used with Smelko Ladle Handles. When properly maintained these ladles will outlast imitations.

Smelko Ladle/Skimmer Handles are of a lightweight tubular design which reduces fatigue for both ladling and skimming applications. The oval shaped end grip is designed for securing a comfortable hand grip while sustaining maximum pouring control. The Ladle/Skimmer Handle is attached with two easy to remove 5/16” carriage bolts.

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