RH-198 is a concentrate of refractory pigments in a water base, specifically formulated as an aluminum permanent mold coating. This coating forms a very tenacious film and acts as an insulator to provide controlled solidification of the molten metal. This product also protects again mold erosion which results in better tooling life and reduced downtime.


vermiculite and other refractories
soft paste
10.6 lb/gal
one year under original seal

Method of Use

Mixing and Dilution
RH-198 is supplied as a concentrate and should be diluted with water. For initial use, a ratio of 1:4 (product:water) is recommended. While diluting, stir the concentrate thoroughly and continue stirring throughout the dilution process. For best results, these coatings should be spray applied to ensure a smooth, uniform coating.

The mold surfaces to be coated should be cleaned of any oil or dirt and heated to at least 200°F (93°C). This enables good coating adhesion and quick evaporation of the water carrier.

Keep from freezing. See Acheson Material Safety Data Sheet for current first aid instructions.