is a water based graphite dispersion used for coating release in aluminum permanent mold applications. The semi-colloidal dispersion forms a smooth, continuous film with extra-long wear life. This product provides superior release, improved surface finish and longer tooling life.


processed micro graphite
soft paste
9.6 lb/gal
one year minimum under original seal

 Method of Use

Mixing and Dilution
RH-200 is supplied as a concentrate and should be diluted with water before use. A dilution ratio of 1:4 (product:water) is recommended for initial trial. The concentrate should be agitated prior to and during the dilution process. For best results, the diluted product should be applied by conventional spray techniques.

Before applying, the mold surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned of any oil or dirt, and preheated to at lease 200°F (93°C). This will enable good coating adhesion and rapid evaporation of the water carrier.

Keep from freezing. See Acheson Material Safety Data Sheet for current first aid instructions.