Dag 193 and Dag 395 are concentrates of refractory pigments in a water base, specifically designed as aluminum permanent mold coatings. These coatings function as insulators to provide controlled solidification of the molten metal and help ensure high quality castings. Dag 193 is recommended for use on large surface area castings where more insulation is needed, while Dag 395 works exceptionally well on small to medium surface areas, where good surface finish is needed. These products also protect against mold erosion and consequently, increase mold life and reduce downtime. Problem areas, corners and sharp angles are well protected with a single coat of either product. For greater coating efficiency, additional coats may be applied to high wear areas. Both Dag 193 and Dag 395 are nontoxic, nonflammable and smokeless, which contribute to a cleaner working environment.


Method of Use

Surface Preparation
Mold surfaces to be coated with either Dag 193 or Dag 395 should be thoroughly cleaned and free of any oil, dirt and grease. Solvent cleaning followed by wire brushing is sufficient to free the surface of contaminants that prevent good adhesion.

Dag 193 and Dag 395 are concentrates and should be diluted for most applications. To dilute: Stir the concentrate thoroughly and continue stirring throughout the dilution process. Add the water slowly and stir thoroughly between additions. For initial use, a ratio of at lease 1:4 (product:diluent) is recommended; however, final dilution ratios are determined on the job.

These coatings should be spray applied for a smooth, uniform coating, but brushing may be employed as an alternative. Heat mold surfaces to at least 350°-400°F (177°-204°C) for quick evaporation of the carrier. Stir the product occasionally during use to prevent settling.

Companion Products
Aquadag® and Prodag® water based graphite dispersions are frequently used in conjunction with Dag 193 and Dag 395. In many cases, Aquadag or Prodag is used as an overspray for good surface finish, good release and to extend the life of the mold coating.

Keep from freezing. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Harmful if swallowed. May cause eye irritation. Wash thoroughly after handling. (See Acheson Material Safety Data Sheet for proper first aid instructions.)

Container Size:    45 pounds, 500 pounds