Concrete Vibrators

Nippon Pneumatic NRV-70

Powerful, high-frequency vibrators for compaction of concrete to produce dense concrete. Ideal for pours of low slump concrete in walls, columns and close quarters. Rugged, efficient, and easily maneuvered. All vibrators are equipped with 8 ft. exhaust hose.

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Chicago Pneumatic cP-618

Designed for mass concrete containing up to 6″ aggregate deposited from 8-yard buckets, in gravity dams, large piers, massive walls, etc.

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SDS-Plus Bits

Designed for drilling concrete, brick, stone and other masonry materials. All tips are exclusively “HL Grade” (HL20) carbide. Each shaft is shot-peened for torque twist protection and annealed shafts help prevent breakage.

SDS-Plus bits fit all rotary hammers with SDS-Plus and Hilti chucks. The maximum energy per hammer blow is delivered through positive drive slots. Special asymmetrical spiral, undercut double fluting design removes debris more efficiently to reduce heat and extend drill life. Drills 15% faster than the average drill bit.

SDS Plus Shank

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