Abrasive Resistant Coatings

RepaCoat PH

RepaCoat PH  is a putty 2-K Polymer composite material enriched with high performance ceramic fillers and extreme wear resistant solid ceramic beads.
The RepaCoat PH composite series consists of different putty materials which differ in the size of the beads and the levelling properties (details see data sheet and application areas. All formulations have a high sag resistance).


All formulations are preferably used for the wear protection of any material which is subjected to high abrasion caused by the impact of hard particles (in gas, liquids or bulk material). RepaCoat PH protects most efficiently if the impact is lateral. RepaCoat PH is often used as a substitute for ceramic tiles.
Application in extruders, pumps, fans, tubes, chutes, containers for buk materials, exhaust systems (temperature limit), centrifuges, cyclones, conveyer systems, any type ofmixing devices (walls and blades) etc.
Industrial branches: Pump production, maintenance and repair, paper industry, clay processing industry, power stations, concrete and cement industry, manufacturer of fillers, any industry with conveyer systems for abrasive materials, foundry industry (sand mixers).


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