Core Machine

Core Maker

Designed with ultimate simplicity and durability in mind, the Palmer Coremaker provides foundries with an economical means for the blowing of no-bake and cold box cores. With capacities up to 500 pounds per blow, this versatile machine can be used by low volume jobbing and high volume shops economically and efficiently. With no need for scrubbers and other expensive peripheral equipment on the no-bake version, the Palmer Coremaker is a cost effective solution for virtually any foundry. This is not just a core-blower– as an added bonus, this mixer rotates 90° to allow mixed sand to discharge outboard of the coremaker footprint. This allows for molds and very large cores to be produced in a small production area.
Available in five sizes:
CM-25 up to 30 lbs (13kg) per blow
CM-50 up to 60 lbs (27kg) per blow
CM-100 up to 160 lbs (72kg) per blow
CM-300 up to 350 lbs (159kg) per blow
CM-500 up to 600 lbs (272kg) per blow