Black Slag

black_shot_Production / Usage
Compared to silica, Black Shot nickel slag offers better uniformity, density, hardness, and contains less than 0.1% free silica. For best productivity, minimum 100 psi at the nozzle is recommended.

Black Shot
Black shot is a new low free silica nickel slag abrasive. Black Shot nickel slag is a by-product left over from the operation of nickel smelters and is unsurpassed in it’s toughness, and durability. It’s angular shape and consistent sizing makes it particularly effective in attacking rust and paint leaving behind an excellent finish for coatings to adhere to, and done in less time than conventional sands.

Black Shot nickel slag is competitively priced in comparison to coal and copper slag abrasive materials. Customers will enjoy additional price advantages due to Canadian-dollar-denominated production costs.

Technical / Safety
• MDOT (Michigan Department of Transport) approved
• CARB (California Air Resources Board) approved
• Less than 0.1% free silica
• Modern screening technology provides even more consistent material.
• Now available with Blastox® lead abatement blast additive.

Benefits of Using Black Shot nickel slag

faster cutting action

lower dusting

heavier product

emission containment

low draw of moisture

can be used in existing equipment

non-reactive with coatings

less time needed on the job = savings on labour

better visibility = better productivity, maximized blast pattern

faster falling dust  = smaller fall-out area

smaller cleanup area is needed = lower set-up and clean-up costs

better flowing through media valves = lower chance of equipment clogging causing work slowdown or stoppage

no extra cost incurred to you and no down time

less chance of coatings failure



Black Shot Nickel Slag Application / Analysis



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