Hot Topping

Hotex 61

Product Description
HOTEX 61 is a quality hot topping compound for use in the steel and iron casting industries consisting of a blend of various refractory minerals, aluminum granules and chemical sensitizers.

Product Characteristics
Excellent insulating properties, enhanced by its ability to expand in volume, are combined with high exothermic properties to produce a superior hot topping compound which produces little smoke during use.

Product Application
1. Apply HOTEX 61 to the molten metal surface in the riser as soon as possible after pouring. Immediately is preferred.
2. Apply to open risers in a layer which is equal to approximately 10% of the riser diameter or internal diameter of a ROSSTHERMTM Riser Sleeve.

• HOTEX 61 improves riser performance to insure that any riser, with or without ROSSTHERM Riser Sleeves, perform to their maximum capabilities for producing sound castings with high casting to metal poured yields.
• Economical to use and environmentally friendly.

Packaged In cardboard drums @ 350 lbs.

 Iron Fluxes

Ferlux 10

Ferlux 10 is a treatment and pouring ladle addition or ductile iron slag control. It keeps spouts open, prevents buildup on walls, produces a dry dross , increases metal fluidity and does not affect nodule size.

Add to the treatment ladle when the ladle is one quarter full or with the alloys. Add to pouring ladle during every second or third tap. Use .1% to .2% by weight. Avoid excessive application to prevent the severe ladle.

Ferlux 21

Ferlux 21 is a mild flux particularly suited for grey iron applications. It softens slag buildup on ladles and furnaces for easier removal, produces a drier slag and can be used along with calcium carbide for desulfurization.

Use 6 pounds of flux per ton of metal. Add on top of the scrap or on the surface of the molten metal. When the desired temperature is reached, turn off the power and allow the slag to float to the surface where it can be easily skimmed off. On a ladle, add 10 pounds per ton of metal to the bottom before tapping first metal. Adding hot metal will form a glaze after which .1% to .2% Ferlux 21 can be added to each time ladle is used.

Ferlux 32

Ferlux 32 is designed for surface treatment of nodular iron melts in induction furnaces and ladles to remove or prevent the formation of slag buildup either at the slag/metal level or below in the case of induction furnaces.

Add to the induction furnace at the rate of .1% to .2% by weight by either placing on top of the scrap or on the surface of the molten metal . After desired temperature is reached, the furnace is shut off allowing the slag particles to rise to the surface where it is skimmed off.