Diamant Dichtol

The international trademark for Sealing and Impregnating of micropores, hairline cracks and the finest leaks on the spot by dipping, brushing or spraying without pressure, vacuum or other means. Pressure-tight in the finest pores up to ca. 350 bars. Used worldwide for decades and acknowledged for the impregnation of castings of any kind and any alloy by Foundries, Automotive Companies, Shipyards, Pump and Turbine-makers, Producers of Fittings, Containers, Tanks, Silos, Housings, Compressors, Welders, etc.
Leaks caused by micropores, hairline cracks and similar fine structural defects cannot always be avoided despite the high standard of technology and production. Causes vary depending on the alloys, dimensions and wall thickness during production. Tightness tests indicate porosities either directly in the unmachined parts or after machining when pores and cracks have been cut out.

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