Diamant Moglice

Mouldable Low Friction Sideway Systems

Typical Applications

  • low friction slideways
  • slideway repair coatings
  • piston bore castings
  • complex replicated running surfaces (eg. lead screws)

Product Description
is a mouldable low friction wayliner to produce high-precision slideways with anti-stick-slip properties. The moulding method allows to create complex forms and structures down to the micron without mechanical machining. It helps to reduce production times in modern production engineering. The material can either be caused to stick to the moulding surface or to be released by the inclusion of a micro thin layer of release agent (DIAMANT separator liquid). The resultant surface is an exact replica of the tool surface even down to the finest surface texture.


  • durable machine surfaces with anti-stick-slip and wear resistant qualities with best coefficient of friction
  • minuscule shrinkage or loss of dimensional stability
  • micro line surface moulding capability
  • resistant to movement after curing
  • the accuracy achieved can be down to a micron depending on the setup
  • minimal humidity absorption
  • full contact of mating surfaces and therefore good load transmittal
  • high load carrying capacity, high damping properties
  • good adhesion with zero ageing or weathering
  • resistant to many chemicals
  • works effectively with selected lubricating oils (polarised oils)