Capillary Sealer

Dichtol reliably seals cracks and finest pores. The high performing polymers penetrate deep into the coating and protect the metallic surface against corrosion.

Mode of Operation of Dichtol
… is unique and perfect. On ground of its capillary efficiency, dichtol creeps against the gravity ‘pumping’ itself into the finest pores and crack lines without pressure or vacuum from outside. The suction pressure is approx. 2.8 bar at a hole diameter of approx. 1 micron (the average diameter of a human hair is approx. 70 micron) equalizing a suction height of wetted water of 28 meter.

Dichtol densifies all crack lines and holes prohibiting water, oils, air, gases and other foreign bodies from entering.

Product Benefits

  • Deepest possible penetration
  • Perform on-the-spot repairs, in-house
  • Versatile application of the capillary-active sealing through
    – Dipping
    – Brushing
    – Spraying
  • Increased solid contents (up to 40%)
  • Transparent, invisible
  • Resistant against chemical, thermal and physical loads
    – Pressure-resistance up to 600 bar (8700 psi)
    – Heat-resistance up to 500°C (932°F)
  • Drinking water and food approved
  • Significantly increases the machinability of the coating

Just brush, inject, dip or spray and
use the part right away!

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