Mold Hardener

SFP Shurbond Core and Mold Spray

SFP SHURBOND is a solvent base resin spray used for hardening surface of cores and molds, which in effect reduces the sand friability and subsequently increases the resistance for sand erosion by molten metal. SFP SHURBOND is supplied in a “Ready to Use“ consistency. The “air drying” time is relatively fast as the solvent has a distillation range of only 2oC with no heavy ends for retarding evaporation to dryness. In addition to its bonding ability the resin also exhibits a high resistance to humidity.


• Green sand molds and green sand cores – spraying the surface with Shurbond can develop surface hardness comparable to the hardness of baked cores.

• Gates and riser openings – Shurbond ties loose sand grains and bonds the sand in weaker areas together to form a hard firm surface

• Oil sand cores – over baked cores with burned out natural bond can be salvaged by the bonding power of the resin in Shurbond.

• CO2 cores and molds – Shurbond prevents dislodgment or sand grain by molten metal on typically more friable surfaces. Due to resistance to moisture absorption Shurbond also extents the storage life of CO2 cores and molds.

• Chills – first spray the chills with Shurbond and allow to stand until the surface becomes tacky. At this point the chill is dipped in zircon sand and allowed to dry. Excess sand is brushed off leaving contact sand firmly tied to the chill with a resin bond.

• Lettering – adding 10 ounces of red iron oxide to a gallon of Shurbond improves lettering definition, resulting in a substantial reduction in finishing.


The molds should be kept open for approx. 5 minutes after spraying to allow for solvent evaporation. The dwell time of 45 minutes before metal pouring is recommended.


45 gallon drums @ 360lbs and in 5 gallon metal pails