Dry White Parting

SFP ARCTIC WHITE parting agent’s main constituent is finely pulverized calcium carbonate (CaCO3). This product does not contain silica; consequently it is safer for the environment and the health of workers.

SFP ARCTIC WHITE non-silica parting is an effective release agent. While extremely fine, its high density enables a relatively firm adherence to the pattern. As the fine particles can cover large area, its use also becomes very economical.

It is compatible with production of all types of irons, steel and copper base castings. It works equally well on pattern plates or loose patterns. Although it is waterproof, yet it permits swabbing around loose patterns.

Fiber drums @ 500lbs (272 kg) and pails @ 50lbs (22.7 kg) Caution Although this product is considered only as a nuisance dust it is recommended to handle with care to minimize excessive air born dispersion.