Aluminum Pattern Paint

Dryset ‘AL’ Super Slick

Dryset ‘AL’ Super Slick is a parting designed for easy removal/stripping of cores from core boxes and molds from patterns. Dryset ‘AL’ Super Slick is produced in a liquid suspension. When sprayed or brushed on a core box or pattern it dries rapidly and leaves a powder layer well adherent to the core box or pattern. Several cores or molds can be made from one application before the need for core box/pattern re-coating.

Sufficient thickness of coating must be applied to the surface of core box or pattern to prevent the sand from sticking. Thin layer of coating will inhibit a good and easy release.

45 gallon steel drums @ 330lbs (150 kg) 5 gallon metal pails @ 30lbs (13.6 kg)

Special Instruction
Agitate prior to the use. Keep container covered to prevent evaporation of the carrier.