Sand Rammers

Our selection of sand rammers offers the dependable NPK (Japanese) tool as well as similar sizes of US made (MTP).
These sand rammers are available in sizes from smell “bench” sizes through large “floor” models.
Power-to-weight ratio exceeds all others in their class!
Unique double-action seals protect the tools from dirt and other contaminants for longer tool life.
See below ‘Accessories’ for butt styles/sizes and throttles.
Many butt sizes and geometries available. Contact us for more details and to match the right rammer to the right job.

“We service what we sell”
Since we only sell NPK or MPT quality tools, we maintain a huge inventory of spare parts and repair services.

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Still proudly made in the U.S.A.
We offer a selection of shapes and sizes of rammer butts to fit your requirement. These butts can also be
supplied in solid aluminum, steel and rectangular shapes when requested.

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