Hot Melt Glue Products

Foundry-TEC® Adhesive

We offer a range of FOUNDRY-TEC® hotmelts suitable for most foundry systems, enabling foundries to speed up all aspects of core production.

Foundry-TEC® hotmelt gives excellent adhesion where cold processes are used such as ‘Cold Box’, ‘Alpha Set’ and ‘Beta Set’. They can also be used on ‘Warm Box’, ‘Hot Box’ and ‘Shell’ but these have to cool before hotmelt application.

Advantages of Foundry-TEC® hotmelts over other  fixing systems such as water-based glues:

• Increased production
• No waiting
• Improved accuracy
• No shelf life
• Risk of gassing is reduced
• Reduced storage
• No solvent  Cost effective
• Speed of set

Foundry-TEC® high-performance adhesive cartridges formulated for foundries and specially designed for use in the TEC 3150, TEC 3200, TEC 6100, TEC 7100, TEC 7200 industrial glue guns.

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Simple adjustments to the tooling can be made to create the required recesses in the sand cores needed for the hotmelt bond.
Cores can be coated/dipped and then oven dried immediately. Oven temperatures and the time the cores spend in the oven vary. Sometimes the oven drying temperatures are unnecessarily high attempting to improve throughput. However, the insulation properties of the sand together with our higher heat resistant hotmelts can resist these high temperatures.
On larger assemblies both hotmelt and water-based adhesives can be used together. The hotmelt acts as an instant clamp, allowing the cores to be moved and dipped immediately, with the water-based adhesive then giving very high temperature resistance.

FOUNDRY-TEC® hotmelts do not affect sand reclamation.
EPS/Lost Foam processes can also benefi t from our hotmelts and equipment.
Wax/Investment foundries would use our hotmelt ‘FOUNDRY-TEC 501’ with its low ash content.

Although the basic processes of forming a casting have many similarities, there are signifi cant process variations. Different FOUNDRY-TEC® hotmelts are available to cater for these different processes.

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