Pyrometer MD250

Model MD250 Digital-Portable Hand Lance Pyrometer

Quality and reliability so evident in McEnglevan products for over 50 years or more built into the MD250 digital hand lance pyrometer. This pyrometer has a rugged solid state instrument with 3/8” high numbers mounted in a rugged aluminum housing. The instrument is controlled by an ON and OFF toggle switch on the instrument face and powered by a single 9 volt battery.

The aluminum housing is held together with two screws so that the thermocouple and battery replacement is simple. The 8” long enclosed thermocouple tip is fastened to the end of a 36” long lance making the total length of the pyrometer approximately 48“. The easily replaceable tip can be ordered or replaced with 12”, 18” or 24” thermocouples. The instrument also has open thermocouple indication to let you know if the thermocouple tip needs replacing. All components of this pyrometer are replaceable with simple tools in minutes. For consistent quality castings you should have a user friendly MD250 digital pyrometer in your foundry.

Accuracy:                          +/- .5% full scale
Temperature range:         0° – 2000°F
Thermocouple:                 Type K, 8” standard (12”, 18”, 24” available)
Display digit size:            .375 LED
Voltage:                             9V DC
Calibration:                       °F
Size instrument face:       4½” x 4”
Thermocouple break:      #1 on left side

Part No. 030867