Core Paste

SFP Corebond A Liquid Core Paste

A solvent based core adhesive. It  is a ready to use, rapid drying core paste. It can be used for core assemblies, core repair and mold seal whenever quick set up is needed.

SFP Corebond A will air dry to an exceptionally strong bond. When exposed to air this product will air dry in about 30 minutes. Drying is dependent on evaporation and larger beads and finer sands may increase dry time required. Bond is not weakened by extended storage of glued cores. It is not weakened by application of water or alcohol based core and mold coatings. It will not generate gas, once properly dried.

SFP Corebond A will skin over quickly when left exposed to the air. Cover or cap containers when not in use.

In One (1) liter plastic squeeze bottles. Shipped as one unit or 12 bottles per carton. It is also available in pails @ 55 lbs.

Keep containers tightly closed to avoid evaporation of solvent.



Kwik -Tak Liquid Core Paste

SFP Kwik-Tak core paste is a strong adhesive used for all types of cores; chemically cured, CO2 , and oil sand. The paste is of creamy texture and it is supplied in “Ready to Use” consistency.

Squeeze out a narrow bead (but not excessive amount) of paste around the contour of the core approximately ½ inch from the edge. For firmer bond, especially on large cores, the beading can be applied over the surface of the core in circles or ribbons. The KWIK-TAK core paste is applied on one half of the core and then pressed against the other half. Remove core paste around the joint areas if in excess.

• KWIK-TAK dries at ambient temperature
• KWIK-TAK dries faster when applied on warm surfaces

Oil Sand Application
• When KWIK-TAK is used on already cold oil sand cores the cores should be used within 48 hours otherwise the joint can weaken
• Oven-baking will not weaken the pasted joint

In one (1) liter plastic squeeze bottles, shipped as one unit or in 12 bottle carton and in five (5) gallon pails @ 80lbs