Core Box Release Agent

SFP Silicon Emulsion

Silicon Emulsion is a water based silicone emulsion formulated for use as a pattern release agent in shell molding processes. SILICONE PARTING can be supplied as a concentrate in 440-pound steel drum or 40-pound poly pails. This product should be diluted with water prior to use. The optimum dilution varies with the application. A good starting point is 1 part emulsion to 15-20 parts water. Adjust the concentration up or down depending on the ease of release and the number of releases desired between applications.

On initial applications, patterns may require multiple coats to build up the film thickness. Multiple draws may them be achieved per application depending on the film thickness, mold temperature, part configuration, and pattern condition. As with any other release agent, the application frequency must be established through trial.

Silicon Emulsion will exhibit good stability in storage and on dilution. However, as with any emulsion, it is good practice to mix or shake the container before using to ensure a uniform concentration of the active ingredient. If the emulsion has been subjected to sub-freezing temperatures or has sat unused for more than a few days it should be thoroughly agitated before use.

The following chemical and physical properties are provided as reference only. The chemical data is an approximate analysis based on formula weights, test results, and supplier data.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Color                      White

Consistency          Water Thin

Specific Gravity     0.98 – 1.02 g/cc

PH                           7.7 – 8.3

Percent Active        27 – 30