Core Mudding Compounds

SFP Mudding compounds are creamy smooth sealants used to fill cracks, voids and other surface defects on sand cores produced by all methods of chemically cured binders, CO2 process and oil sand. These compounds are supplied in “READY TO USE “ paste consistency and will not crack, shrink, roll up or peel. Once dry, all grades are compatible with all SFP coatings, water or solvent based. Although the mudding compounds are prepared in the paste form, they may be thinned with water and painted on the surface of cores or molds if desired. All three standard grades of mudding compounds will penetrate the core surface and prevent:

• weaker areas from sand erosion
• deeper surface cavities from filling by metal

The best method is by finger or thumb on small areas and by troweling on large joints. The refractory combinations in each grade will provide resistance to metal penetration to the same degree as the refractory coating. The following grades are manufactured, but special refractory combinations can be produced at customer request.

SFP #410-Black
Soft graphite base sealant. The standard for mudding cores for all types of iron. It will self dry or may be speed up by a heat application as oven, infra heaters, light torching.

SFP #540-White
Ultra fine zircon base with talc. Designed for use in steel and high alloy metals applications. It dries rapidly due to high concentration of solids.

Plastic pails @ 50 lbs or steel drums @ 700 lbs