Sprue Cutters

We are pleased to offer the highest quality, most durable sprue cutters we have ever seen in the foundry industry. Our sprue cutters are manufactured by hand in India. Here, the process is simple, efficient and of high quality.


A sprue cutter is a tool used to cut openings in your sand mold for downsprues (or even risers). These are hand crafted and designed for comfort as well as durability.

Our sprue cutters are available in both Straight and more commonly Tapered shape.

The 1.6mm sheet brass is cut, tapered and press molded into specific lengths and diameters. After pressing, the parts are brazed (brass welded) then sent to the high speed buffing stage. It is here that the parts are finished into a jewelry-like finish. Final inspection and protective wrapping are the last stage.

We stock and sell Brass and Steel versions of the following sizes.